Doug & Julie

The First Annual Holiday Letter From the Langs!


That's right, it's THAT time of year again...

This is the page for our First Annual letter. (Each year is a new "First Annual" letter.) By keeping each one as the umpteenth First Annual letter, you can see that we keep each year's letter fresh and new. Think of it as mental recycling and you'll be fine.

You may wonder why we write these letters, or why we mail them, or even why you read them. Well, honestly, we don't know either. But, if you want to revist the glory of our past year, or just catch up with the latest happenings with Annalise's allergies, this is as good a place as any!

NOTE: While these usually ship without context or warning labels, some readers have mentioned a few useful caveats: Eating and drinking is not recommended while reading the First Annual Holiday Letter. You should not attempt to drive an automobile or use heavy machinery while reading this Letter. Some patients have noticed swelling, laughing, and itching; these symptoms often can be mended with tissues and a box of Depends. These letters are recommended by four out of five dentists who read them. Finally, becoming pregnant while reading this letter may be hazardous to your health.






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